RTO Driving License Practice Test

RTO Driving License Practice Test

RTO Driving License Practice Test

RTO Driving License Practice Test


What color are the number plates for private car and motorized two-wheeler owners?

Black letters, white background

Yellow letters, black background

Black letters, yellow background

White letters, blue background

A passenger may not be carried on a motorcycle unless it has…?

Wide tires

Proper foot rests


A large engine

If you drive while drunk, you can face a term of imprisonment of up to…?

Six months

One month

Four months

Three months

When you are driving near a school, you should do what?

Sound your horn constantly

Accelerate to leave the area quickly

Reduce your speed

Turn your lights on full beam

What shape is a mandatory traffic sign?





When pulling away from the curb, what should you do?

Pull out as quickly as possible

Pull out at the sharpest angle possible

Wait for a gap in the traffic then pull away with caution

Sound your horn as a warning

A car behind wants to overtake you. What should you do?

Move to the center of the road to block it

Let it

Pull over and park

Accelerate away from it

Which of these colors is not permitted for private vehicles?

Bright red

Metallic black

Olive green

Dark blue

Your foot brake should hold your vehicle completely without coming within what distance off the floor?

4 cm

1 cm

2 cm

3 cm

Under what circumstances is it acceptable not to stop after an accident?

If you are in a hurry


If nobody is hurt

If it wasn’t your fault

When a major & a minor road intersect, who has priority?

The traffic traveling fastest

Traffic on the minor road

Nobody has priority

Traffic on the major road

On a highway, a sign with a steady yellow X over a lane indicates what?

Move in to this lane

Lane will close ahead

Motorcycles only in this lane

Maintain your speed


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